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817 Inorganic Acid Flux (1 Gallon Bottle)
Mfgr Part No: 63-0000-0817
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Acid Flux

Kester Inorganic Acid Fluxes are solutions of inorganic salts for use as general all-purpose fluxes. These fluxes are active formulations for soldering difficult-to-solder metals. The Inorganic Acid Fluxes were developed for non-electronic soldering applications and provide maximum wetting, leaving residues which can be removed with water. The corrosive nature of the residues precludes their use for electrical or electronic applications. Flux residues should be carefully removed to prevent corrosion caused by residual chloride salts. All formulations can be used for soldering with an iron, torch, oven induction coils or resistance tools. 817 is a mild flux, with a very active solution developed for soldering nickel-chrome and stainless steel alloys where regular acid fluxes such as 715 are not active enough to remove the resistant oxide coatings.