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Products>Fluxes/Water Soluble>2222-CL
2222-CL Water Soluble Flux (53 Gallon Drum)
Mfgr Part No: 65-0060-2222
In Stock: 53 gal
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Water Soluble Flux

Kester 2222-CL is a high activity, organic acid flux designed for automated wave solder applications where a more aggressive flux is required to solder difficult assemblies. The flux will provide maximum capillary wetting action up plated through-holes, making it ideal for use on multilayer boards. Along with this enhanced activity, 2222-CL flux produces bright, shiny solder joints and the residue after soldering is effectively removed in standard water cleaning systems. Polyglycols, which can be detrimental to board surface insulation resistance, are not present in the flux formula. This flux is also suitable for some dip tinning applications where a high activity flux is required.