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RF-741 No Clean Rework Flux 30g Syringe
Mfgr Part No: 70-2501-0003
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Rework Flux

Kester RF741 is a high-viscosity, no-clean flux designed for electronic component rework and repair applications. RF741 has a gel-like consistency and is easily applied by syringe dispensing. RF741 can be precisely dispensed onto a specific area that needs flux. After being dispensed, RF741 stays in place until soldering occurs. Traditional problems experienced with controlling the application of low solids no-clean liquid fluxes are eliminated. RF741 has excellent performance in applications requiring a flux having good thermal stability such as surface mount component repair. RF741 is the ideal choice for QFP or BGA semi-automated rework operations. In addition, RF741 is well suited for use with through-hole repair operations where solder fountain or controlled solder reservoir is being used for selective component removal and repair. Residues that remain on surfaces after soldering are almost colorless, leaving a very cosmetically appealing repair. The residue has high electrical resistance and can be left on the assembly after soldering. Residues are compatible with all no-clean fluxes in the Kester product line. RF741 can be used in combinations with Kester no-clean cored wire solders and no-clean solder pastes, as well as no-clean liquid fluxes without any compatibility risks.