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952-D6 No Clean Flux Pen
Mfgr Part No: 83-1046-0952
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No Clean Flux

Kester 952-D6 is a no-clean, non-corrosive, halide-free liquid flux that is specifically designed for the wave soldering and rework of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. Essentially no residue remains after soldering. Boards are dry and cosmetically clean as they exit the wave solder machine, thus posing no interference with electrical testing. Soldering to bare copper that has been organically protected is becoming more important as manufacturers turn to surface mount technology. 952-D6 was developed with a modified surface tension to aid in soldering boards that have surface mount and high component densities. This comprehensive formulation possesses improved wetting characteristics and also exhibits superior corrosion inhibiting properties and provides a non-tacky residue. A major advantage of this flux is the reduced odor associated with the soldering process.